10km of Single Track


1 to 2 hours to fully explore


Beginner to Advanced

There is so much to say about Compartment 10 we don’t where to start. These trails were over 4 years in the making. A long time you might say for just 10km of manicured dirt, but like all the truly great trails, there’s more to it than just milage. This little hillside in Margaret River has been wrung for all it’s worth and pioneered the way that all sanctioned mountain bike trails will be built for the future in Western Australia. Detailed concepts and designs were meticulously created by Common Ground before a single shovel was brought on site. Some may say unnecessary, others might say the proof is in the pudding. We’ll leave it up to you to ride the trails and judge for yourself.

Compartment 10 presents riders with a (relatively) short but compelling mountain biking experience. If we could summarise the trails with one word, it would be flow. You will always know where you are (that’s what signs and maps are for) but each trail of varying difficulty runs without pause into the next creating a network where you don’t know how or when to stop. Let alone feel like stopping. The Common Ground and Magic Dirt trail builders have sculptured single track will leave you re-thinking every session… can I ride that berm just a little faster, jump that double a little higher, climb the Golden Carrot without putting a foot down… There are so many approaches, angles and lines for every trail to keep you amused for hours.

Photography | Eerik Sandstrom & Elements Margaret River


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