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You want better trails? We need committed and informed people to assist with the MRROCA trails sub committee.

One of the major objectives for the MRORCA committee this year, other than to finally get new trails, is to get more people involved with the operations of the association through sub committees (boring but important). The first one to be formed is the trails committee. This group will be responsible for making planning, development, construction, maintenance and beer recommendations to the MRORCA committee for approval. Importantly, we want this trails committee to be active and achieving tangible things on the ground and we are therefore seeking nominations for suitable candidates to join the rebel forces.

While meetings will be informal and hopefully include beer, the trails committee will need to have an independent person coordinating and leading the meetings and this role will not be filled by someone from the main MRORCA committee. Decisions by the trails committee will be reported back to the MRORCA committee by the two MRORCA trail committee members being John Dingey (maintenance and construction representative) and David Willcox (planning and design representative). In order to be on the trails committee you must be a current member of MRORCA, if you don’t know a good indication is that you got an email from us about this. While we are sure everyone wants to be involved, we have limited the committee to 5 additional positions (excluding JD, Dave and a Parks and Wildlife Representative) and we are therefore seeking people with appropriate skills and knowledge of trails and trail development. We do however want a broad spectrum of people and therefore invite all capable people to apply. In applying to be on the trail committee we ask that you respond to the following questions which will help us gauge your commitment and ability;

  1. What do you want to achieve for mountain biking in Margaret River being a part of the trails sub committee.
  2. Indicate what you have done in the past to help with trail planning, building and maintenance (not necessarily in Margaret River)

It is expected that sub committee members will be available to meet on a fortnightly to monthy basis depending on trails activity and participate regularly in maintenance and building activities in Margaret River.

One ideas of the trail committee is about ‘doing’ rather than ‘talking’ so expect to get your hands dirty regularly. If you cant be consistently available maybe this isn’t the sub-committe you are looking for. If you don’t make the cut of the committee, lucky you! You will still be called upon to assist with upcoming construction and maintenance, which is the fun bit.

Please email to register your interest. Don’t forget to answer the questions!


MRORCA Trails Committee

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