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$150.00 for 1 year

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$150 for Corporate Membership? What’s in it for you?

Well, we’re glad you asked! Corporate membership is about showing support for a Margaret River based volunteer organisation that provides increasing opportunities for both business and people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to experience and engage in the fastest growing recreational activity in the world today, an activity which has become known as the new golf

Mountain biking!

Just taking a look down the main street on any weekend will show you the growing number of riders beginning to swell in Margaret River. The word is out. Margaret River is becoming known as the premier mountain biking destination in WA. Events are growing to over 1500 competitors, magazines are featuring the trails, and locals are well and truly embracing the activity and associated lifestyle. After all, it’s always off shore on the trails.

And what does this mean to be a corporate member? You and your company can be a part of supporting this growing activity, and in return, receive direct recognition from our members, followers, enthusiasts, and, visiting mountain bike tourists. In a nut shell, becoming a corporate member gets you;

  • A listing on the MRORCA website with picture, logo, description and contact details
  • Listed as a supporter on the MRORCA Facebook page promoting your business to the wider mountain biking community
  • Promotion of your business as a supporter throughout the year at MRORCA related events and social activities.
  • Full member rights including a voting right at AGM’s and the ability to stand for the committee so you can be an active contributor to the direction of mountain biking in our region.
  • The opportunity to provide special offers direct to MRORCA members to promote your business. This will allow you to attract new customers from our supporter base directly to your business by offering them exclusive deals not open to the general public. It’s entirely up to you what to put on offer as, better than anyone, you know your products and services and how they will best serve both your goals and our members.
  • The opportunity to undertake exclusive and targeted sponsorship arrangements with MRORCA to further promote your business to our supporters in a much more focused way.

In this last point, by becoming a corporate member you will be able to access member only sponsorship opportunities to help us in our quest to establish a world renowned trail network, and, get your business in front of this rapidly growing, and high spending, demographic in a more targeted and exclusive way. For instance, there now exists an opportunity to purchase the naming rights for a local trail. This means that for a period of 2 years, the trail signage will bear your name as well as the clubs, allowing the thousands that pass by it to recognise our partnership, and common goal to provide an enthusiastic public with fantastic trails.

Proud of what you’ve achieved and stand for in business? Impressed by what MRORCA has accomplished in its start up years? Like to be one of the founding corporate members that helps cement Margaret River on the world mountain bike stage for future generations? Then join with us.