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MRORCA of 2018 are looking forward not back, with a focus on being positive and inclusive.  The demands are ever expanding so we have simplified to set goals, targets, and actions.

2018 will deliver:

  • An improved membership system, packages and dialogue with our members.
  • Amicable and sustainable outcomes with the interest groups in Barrett street.
  • A safe, user friendly link strategy to the Wharncliffe trail heads from town.
  • Re establish ourselves as a voice in the desires, design and construction of new trails within the area.
  • Ensure financial stability for the club by taking active roles with the many events we will be hosting this year including the XCO Round.

    On the ground stuff that is happening now

  • Re opening dialogue on a pump track-this is going to happen!
  • 15 Km of trail construction in Wharncliffe  scheduled to begin this financial year.
  • Redesigning and funding the construction of the Pines circuit.
  • Working alongside Dpaw in the ongoing maintenance and signage of Compartment 10
  • Re establishing the trails sub committee and developing our volunteers skill levels and consistency.

This is a very simple summary of some incredibly complicated issues, in one of the fastest expanding sports and recreational activities globally.

The committee are all volunteers, who above everything else have a great love of our sport and our community. These people have put their hands up to donate massive amounts of their time to take on this task, so cut us some slack.  If you recognise an area you can assist with, we are extremely inclusive so please… come forward!

This year will see MRORCA becoming an inspiring and high achieving force in the mountain bike landscape.  Our summer series has already exploded to over 60 participants of all ages and abilities and now utilises the Dunsborough trails as well as our own.

The events and infrastructure created from the committees work have a massive positive impact on the vibrancy of town, financially and socially.  We are not looking for a pat on the back, we are looking for help. If you can cook a snag, wheel a barrow, marshal at an event, have special skills or want to help in any way…please…GET INVOLVED!

See you out there…The Pres


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